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People no longer die from the sole cause of COVID but die from other diseases that are kept secret while for those who really die of Covid, no autopsy is deliberately done.
The current virus is no longer an animal virus as it actually was at the beginning, but the current infection occurs between people who are very weak, in fact the quarantine that was previously necessary to heal, today has been reduced to less than a week.
Suffice it to ask each of us … do you have loved ones or friends who have died in the last 4 months? and the answer will be NO.
Today terrorism is used to control any demonstrations and took to the streets for other problems, unemployment, poverty, the closure of activities, the absence of tourism and the crazy and crazy expenses made by incompetents who work without planning and competence.
Last but not least you want to be there in the government waiting for the large amount of money that will arrive to manage and spend it, no one knows how.
The mountain of money that will arrive will be debts for our children who will be forced to find work elsewhere while now the government makes room for immigration that will only create, ZERO as the growth of the country and a lot of crime with illegal occupations and drug dealing.
Unfortunately, as long as this statist regime is in government, the Italians will only be able to know not the truth but what they want to know, since the truth is clouded by the compromises and agreements between politicians and parliamentarians.
The most beautiful country in the world should have a GDP made up of 40% by tourism, make sure that on all our seas there are restaurants and services, complete the infrastructures such as the road and railway network even without the bridge over the strait as they are most important are the roads and railways.
Not the least idea would be to move the head office from Rome to Milan so as to be able to use all the offices and offices of the ministries, for the construction of Hotels in order to have 1,000,000 more beds.
Rome is a tourist city while Milan, closer to Europe, is the political and business capital.

Interview carried out with dr. Enrico Nutti enriconutti@gmail.com

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