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Every morning, when the first rays of the winter sun awaken the countryside, truffle hunters go in search of the precious mushroom. It happens so for hundreds of years in Umbria, the land of excellence of the black truffle. It is in the expectation of the winter months and in the knowledge of the seekers that a centuries-old tradition is told, handed down from generation to generation. It is in this heritage recognized throughout the world that Skin&Co, the natural cosmetics company that has conquered the most acclaimed celebrities: from Oprah Winfrey to Madonna, from Nicole Kidman to Michelle Obama.

And that launched Truffle Therapy, a line of beauty products that takes advantage of the extraordinary antioxidant properties of the black truffle and, through scientific research, returns a powerful elixir of youth.

The secret of product formulation lies, in fact, in the use of the enzyme Sod (superoxide dismutase) contained in the precious fungi, thanks to a long and delicate extraction process at the base of the collection of natural products, whose effectiveness is guaranteed by the cutting-edge technological research of the Faculty of Cosmetology of the University of Bologna.

For the realization of each product of the Truffle Therapy line, 12 truffles collected exclusively in the winter months, in the woods of Umbria and Tuscany and ALBA are needed. These are selected among the softer and juicier ones because, in the moment that precedes the ripening, the black truffle reaches the apex of its antioxidant, lightening and stain-resistant properties.

Each product, from the moisturizing cream to the eye contour, from face serum to cleansers, up to the bath-shower, is made exclusively with ingredients of natural origin: concentrated truffle extract, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, argan oil and panthenol are only some of the skin’s allies contained. No product contains parabens, mineral oils, sls, phthalates, sulphates and kerosene.

Anti-aging illuminating face cream

It is a moisturizing concentrate and an excellent primer base for all types of makeup. Made with essential oils and an advanced technology that relieves the
skin imperfections, the product reduces the signs of aging, wrinkles and
pores, enhances skin radiance, moisturizes and prolongs youth. Guarantees
a lifting effect from the first application. It is easy to absorb
and leaves the skin soft and silky.
Price: 68 euro 50 ml.
The product is also available in travel size (10 ml).
Price: 14 euro.

Concentrated eye contour

It is a non-greasy refreshing serum. Reduces bags and dark circles under the eyes, thanks to an action
decongestant, moisturizing and restful around the eyes. Hydrates, illuminates
and immediately tightens the eye contour area leaving the skin rested and
expanse. Prepares the skin for make-up ensuring a perfect result and a
long lasting splendor. Delicate even for the most sensitive eyes.
Price: 66 euros.
Also available in travel size (7 ml).
Price: 33 euro.

Siero viso

Made by hand in Umbria, is an intensive anti-ageing treatment that
reactivates vital skin functions. A unique infusion based on truffle extract
black for visibly younger-looking skin: firmed, smooth wrinkles, complexion
brighter and more uniform, pores less visible.
In addition to the powerful Sod enzyme, it contains the patented hibiscus extract that acts as a localized muscle relaxant that minimizes the appearance of
fine lines and wrinkles, also improving the radiance of the complexion. It absorbs
and penetrates the skin quickly, thus also working as a base for make-up.
Price: 70 euros.

Ultra-pure face oil
Made with black truffle extracts, it boasts anti-aging and antioxidant benefits,
In a single blend of moisturizers, vitamins, and other
and provitamins tonify, soothe and decongest dry, irritated or
stressed. The product relaxes and softens the skin, reducing redness. Used
pure or added to the normal moisturizer helps to prevent moisture loss and
the formation of expression signs.

Directions for use: add 3 drops to the moisturizing cream for greater protection and hydration.

Price: 60 euros.

Cleansing oil for the face

Oils have always been used over the centuries as a key solution for
beauty, and SKIN&CO, by combining tradition and modern technology, has created a
light and delicate solution, which does not clog pores. The cleaning oil is a
biphasic blend of active ingredients and essential oils that purify and cleanse
deep into the skin. In addition to the enzyme Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) contained in the truffle, which improves cell turnover, the formula can boast sweet almond oil, high in monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, which
work together with vitamins A and E; organic argan oil pressed at
cold with linoleic acid, ideal for dry and sensitive skin; and finally extracts
of roses.

This product can be used daily as a gentle make-up remover, for incredibly smooth and moisturized skin. It is quite
rich to remove waterproof makeup, but at the same time gentle for
cleanse even the most sensitive skin.

Price: 28 euros.

It is also available in the travel size version (30 ml).
Price: 8 euro.

Face toner

Formulated with natural extracts of truffle, marigold, rose and rosemary, is a
soothing and purifying blend leaving the skin moisturized, toned, radiant
and perfectly fresh. Dry or sensitive skin regains radiance and radiance.
The tonic is an essential step in the daily beauty routine for skin
younger and healthier.

Price: 26 euros.

Also available in travel size.

Price: 8 euro.

Dermopurifying cleansing foam

It is a specific foaming detergent for dry or sensitive skin. A foam
light that rinses easily with fresh water. Truffle extracts help
to protect the skin from the signs of time. Daily use contributes to
keep the skin bright, hydrated and toned, ready to receive the moisturizing treatment.

Price: 26 euros.

Vaporous cleansing cream

Highly concentrated is formulated to innovate dry and dull skin, providing maximum protection, even for the most sensitive skin. Made with
truffle extract and sweet almond oil, gently cleanses while improving skin tone and elasticity. This product is formulated with acids
essential fats, to help maintain natural hydration.

Price: 35 euros.

Face Scrub

With an exfoliating action, it is enriched with ground apricot kernel for
naturally and gently remove the dead cells covering the epidermis. The innovative formula has a cleansing base that provides the
skin a great hydration, and protects it during the exfoliation process.
It is formulated with pure truffle extract and dolciper almond oil to help the skin’s moisture.
maintaining the natural hydration of the skin, releasing antioxidant properties

Price: 30 euros.

Body Scrub

It exfoliates the skin like a natural scrub and at the same time makes it bite and
silky thanks to the creamy base. The essential oils release anti-redness and soothing properties, while apricot kernel powder gently smoothes the skin while moisturizing it. Helps eliminate
dead skin cells, preserving it from the risk of skin dryness, and
The aroma of truffles gives a sweet, luxurious fragrance, reminiscent of the
bond with the earth.

Price: 26 euros.

Body milk

Created to be a real nutrient for the skin, it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and essential acids. The best ingredients are combined
between them to leave the skin perfectly velvety, fresh and naturally
bright. Truffle extract eliminates free radicals, as well as having a luminous effect.
antioxidant and anti-aging. The olive oil, shea butter, argan oil and the
sodium hyaluronate improve the texture and elasticity of the skin, smoothing the
signs of time. Its velvety texture blends into the skin, allowing you to
get dressed quickly.

Price: 30 euros. In travel size, price: 11 euro.

Gel shower bath

Thanks to the combination of truffle extract and amino acids, it has potent
antioxidant and anti-ageing effects, reduces s fine signs of aging and relaxes the
leather. The first step for a toned and young body. This exfoliating treatment eliminates dead cells and impurities, giving the skin new radiance and softness.

Price: 18 euros. In travel size, 8 euros.

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