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In the past year, we’ve seen tie-dye everywhere: on jeans, dresses, jackets, T-shirts and more.

It’s no surprise that the biggest fashion trend of 2020 has finally found its way on face masks, the accessory that we cannot live without.

Unlike the fancy, logo-laden designs offered by luxury brands, tie-dye face masks are a lot more inconspicuous while being stylish enough to warrant a compliment or two. (That’s especially if you get yourself a tie-dye design to match your tie-dye outfit.)

As a bonus, the masks’ psychedelic swirls are also a way to send some good vibes out into the world, in lieu of a smile. Whatever way you look at it, there’s no reason not to hop onto the feel-good DIY trend. The best part is that there’s a tie-dye mask for everyone, whether you’re into cheery pastels or favour a more neutral colour palette.

Below, we’ve compiled the best reusable face masks that you can shop right now.


Header photo credit: Everlane

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