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Massimiliano Schivardi

“My journey into the world of food manufacturing has been the very best experience of my life. I had always believed in the power of artisanal and the passion for good food in creating
concepts that would bring hearts together. From those early days until now, our culinary team has strived to spread our gusto through exceptional Italian product lines of the highest quality and value for money. We aim at leaving ever-lasting beautiful memories and experiences for a lifetime.”

Founder and General Manager Pastificio Romani

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Mobile No.:+66 092 545 8781

Accomplished Executive with 25 years International experience in manufacturing in different fields.

Born and raised in Italy, Massimiliano Schivardi brought his experience to Thailand in 2014 where he opened a small laboratory to produce the best quality of Italian products with the finest ingredients directly imported from Italy.

Within a few years, the company grew up to form the brand ‘Pastificio Romani’. Today, we are well-known for our wide variety of 100% authentic products in the region. Our high quality artisanal pasta products are made using unique and delicious Italian ingredients from bronze- die extruded machines.

We offer excellent craftsmanship in developing all kinds of traditional Italian product lines including dry pasta, fresh pasta, ravioli, cold cuts, sausages and many more using artisan techniques.

With a successful culinary career by collaborating with many Five-Star Restaurants & Resorts, Massimiliano Schivardi brings his creativity, knowledge to each customer.

Svetlana Budaeva

General Manager Assistant

Tel: +66-622-19-48-64

Email: sell@pastificiofratelliromani.com


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