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Sustainably modern architecture camouflaged in the middle of a grand safari

Ubiquitously hidden within tall branches of an acacia tree, the sun and its shadows, the shades of green and earth, is strikingly contemporary resort in the middle of a safari. From the outside, concrete walls create a necessary fence, but its weathered look—credited to its rugged mica stone surface—harmonises with the rest of the surrounding. Its wooden walls echo the colours of the jungle backdrop. Roof canopies hung from the feature walls, as if taking a page from South African design while brilliantly merging it with modern-day minimalism.

The breath-taking retreat is designed and built by ARRCC, whose goal is not to create a deliberate tension against the natural landscape, but to complement it in form and function so that one may experience nature more intimately. Three villas are built together in clusters, each featuring a main building, private communal spaces, and a spread of four-bedroom suites, all decked out with large glass windows that face out into the lush landscape.

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