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The architect Pierre Yves Rochon signs here a modern and astonishing concept, in symbiosis with its environment, while preserving the elegance of the place to “To be found in a prodigious place, with the fresh air, in the calm of the Bois de Boulogne, in Paris , and taste the cuisine of a great Chef while savoring the architecture of the place. Green, black, white and silver are the dominant colors: green for a nod to the outdoor greenery, black, white, alternating silver to emphasize the spaces, highlight the details, pilasters, low -landforms. The furniture harmonizes or opposes the architecture of the building, classic and modern, accentuating this impression of purity and lightness. An elegant and audacious setting for the starry cuisine of Chef Frédéric Anton, whose work is dedicated to the awarding of a 3rd star to the Red Guide. Inaugurated in 1856, the Pré Catelan is a huge success: the bucolic site, the quality of the orchestras and the sophistication of the festivals make it one of the most popular places in the capital. In 1976, Colette and Gaston Lenôtre took over Le Pré Catelan and made these salons a major venue for the organization of events distinguished by high-end gastronomy. Since 2011, Pré Catelan has been one of Sodexo’s premium brands and locations. In 2007, thanks to the talent of chef Frédéric Anton, the Pré Catelan restaurant gets 3 Michelin stars.

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