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Contemporary wooden modules become the perfect replacement for tents in remote locations

Glamping has slowly been taking over camping for a few years now. There are, still, bonfires and marshmallows on sticks, but gone are the days when remote holidays were inconvenient and aesthetically unpleasant. The modern-day nomads get to enjoy fully modern-day suites, each clad with wooden walls, a large glass window and its own electricity, minus the frills of a luxury hotel. When one is surrounded by nature, the bare minimum comfort becomes gratifying.

Like an IKEA furniture, each module is transported to its location and then assembled by hand. The panels and the rest of its construct are made to fit in place, brilliantly designed by the Barcelona-based In-Tenta, a company who took module kits to a whole new level. One might be surprised at the results—the N240 boasts of its own sundeck and a panoramic view from its double bed. Tenzo easily replaces the need for a trailer house; it fits a family of six with its 40 square metre area, complemented with a patio and an outdoor bar under the sunshade sails. The phenomenal interior is lodged with a complete kitchen and a large living room for lazy hours.

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