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Chiara Ferragni 12,000,000 followers in Instagram , and food, new social controversy. The very popular influencer and digital entrepreneur makes the social world discuss by publishing the photograph of a pizza on her Instagram profile.

It happened more or less the same a few months ago, when Chiara Ferragni published a shot while, with her sister, she was about to bite into a slice of pizza, but the daisy in question was still perfectly intact on the plate. From there the social and media tam tam with the irony on the pizza that “regenerates”. And a few months later the same happened with a carbonara.

This time there is only the slice of pizza, without any mega daisy in the background: Chiara Ferragni had her photo taken in Paris, sitting at the table of a super exclusive restaurant (Loulou Restaurant), where on her plate there is a small slice of truffle pizza.

A single slice of pizza? And under the post the ironic comments of the followers are wasted, by those who indicate that small portion as “ridiculous” or “less than an aperitif”. But not everyone knows that that truffle pizza – which costs the beauty of 39 euros – is served at the center of the table specially in slices, and it is not possible to establish how many the popular influencer had eaten.

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