Cellulite 101

Numerous misconceptions about cellulite exist. It’s time to separate fact from fiction. Cellulite is just common fat False. Cellulite is different from other types of fat in the body. “Normal” fat lies underneath the skin. Cellulite is compartmentalised fat inside the skin, not underneath it. It is caused by the Continue Reading

Asian Relaxation

Get yourself loosen up and recharged with Asia’s specialised therapies– Shirodhara, Thai herbal bath and Tui Na. Months of piling workloads become worthwhile after a great relaxation at spas and massage centres. After each session, expect yourself to feel more energetic as your body relaxes. If you haven’t tried the Continue Reading

Dance It Off

Shedding those extra pounds can be tough when you are forced into exercises and activities that you hate. Exercises such as running or jogging can be intimidating, especially to those who rarely exercise. Swimming sounds like a good option but what if getting into a swimming costume is the first Continue Reading

Tropical Islands – Philippines

There are stunning beaches and 7107 islands to choose. You cannot help but picture the Philippines as island life. Generally laidback, stable and safe you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time soaking in the natural wonders, colourful history, tropical warm weather as well as the beautiful  islands that are Continue Reading

When worry cripples you

Excessive worrying can cause your life to come to a standstill. Curb your worry woes with healthy habits. We worry from time to time. Did we leave the air con on when we left for work this morning? Have we packed our medication for the holiday? Will I perform well Continue Reading