Working household members more likely to transmit Covid-19 to elders: Study

A new population-based study commissioned by Swedish researchers revealed that close proximity of working household members and neighbours could pose a high risk on elders. The study, published in the medical journal Lancet, stated that housing and neighbourhood dynamics are proportional to Covid-19 mortality in older adults. The study was Continue Reading

Researchers utilise Google Trends to examine people’s perceived exposure to Covid-19

Researchers at the George Washington University found that non-generic queries in the online tool Google Trends may provide better insights into people’s health information-seeking behaviour. The study was published in the journal EurekAlert! Google Trends analyses the popularity of top Google queries geographically and longitudinally. Recently, Google has made Google Continue Reading

S&P 500 implied volatility remained unusually elevated even as the index erased Q1 losses and hit all-time highs.

Bias Like most things in markets, there are no definitive explanations, only theories. The Nov 3rd election supports implied vol (election-day vol implies a 5.6% S&P and 7% Nasdaq move up or down – 2.4x the presidential election avg). And the disconnect between economic fundamentals and equity prices leaves uneasy Continue Reading