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Bahrain Tourism & Exhibition Authority (BTEA) is confident of setting new records in the number of Indian weddings and the revenue earnings from the Indian wedding business to Bahrain’s economy this year. The country has played host to more than 17 big Indian weddings between April 2017 and 2019, receiving about 6,000 Indian guests and contributing USD 22 million to its economy.

The country had recognised wedding tourism as a potential segment in 2016 and started promoting itself as a preferred wedding destination through a dedicated incentive programme called Island Weddings Bahrain since April 2017.

“Offer a unique partnership to wedding guests.”

Since the programme’s launch, India has been a target source market. Dr. Ali Follad, tourism advisor, Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority said: “We are confident of setting records in Indian destination weddings by fourth quarter of this year and first three months of 2020,” Follad said.

“What we offer to our wedding guests is a unique partnership. BTEA acts as eyes and ears of the wedding organisers from the time they come scouting for destination. We offer complimentary visa, arrange special rates from the airlines, take them to the right hotel, arrange professional DMCs, etc. so that they feel confident and at the same time relaxed,” he added.

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