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Want your skin to be great? Sleep on it.

Our latest skin-care obsession is  soft, moisturised sleep mask that can work wonders. Whilst we are all stuck at home and getting into the Work From Home Extravaganza, we can appreciate the extra hour sleep we get without having to deal with the usual battle of snoozing our alarms so often. However, while we all enforce a strict schedule at home to be as productive as possible, we might be forgetting about our skin between all the partial lockdown activities. Why not use this extra time to revitalise your skin, too?

When we fall asleep, our skin tends to lose a lot of water, so the tactic here is to trick your skin with all the essentials so it can regenerate, soothe, and hydrate. Luckily for us, sleep masks are designed to be slathered on our faces before we go to bed and can be rinsed off first thing in the morning. Spend some time with yourself applying the formula so you can boost your skin’s immunity system, too. We’ve rounded up six sleeping masks that will help your skin glow and bring back that spark on your face. After the lockdown, you might just forget about going to the salon.

[Hero Image credit: Fresh Thailand & Feature Image credit: Drunk Elephant]

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok on 16 April 2020.

The post 6 best sleeping masks that will hydrate your skin while you snooze appeared first on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok.